Automation: a smart solution in the fight against inflation

Doing more with less — that’s the biggest challenge for many companies today. In times of escalating energy costs and an increasing scarcity of ICT profiles, automation offers an interesting solution. Automation makes it possible to structurally reduce the cost of ICT infrastructure management, while at the same time optimally deploying your available ICT team on projects that generate value.

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Get more out of automation

Choosing automation involves much more than just implementing a tool. At BRYXX we help our customers with the entire process: from guidance at a strategic level to everything to do with people, processes, and tools.


Chaos engineering with puppet

Chaos engineering is simulating unexpected events on your systems and tests how they handle it. In short you could compare it to code testing but for systems. It can help you identify points of failure, harden your systems, help train employees and so on.