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Automation: a smart solution in the fight against inflation


Doing more with less — that’s the biggest challenge for many companies today. In times of escalating energy costs and an increasing scarcity of ICT profiles, automation offers an interesting solution. Automation makes it possible to structurally reduce the cost of ICT infrastructure management, while at the same time optimally deploying your available ICT team on projects that generate value.

In June inflation in this country stood at 9.65%, its highest level in 40 years. Energy and food prices have been particularly hard hit. It’s a situation that no one can escape. When the cost of living rises, so too must wages, which puts pressure on employers’ budgets. Ultimately, this is how inflation makes itself felt throughout the value chain. If companies aren’t vigilant, they’ll see the price increases simply disappear from their margins.

More space for talent

The challenge for companies is not only to figure out how to monitor their margins but also how to keep their cost structure under control in a sustainable way. In the context of skyrocketing inflation, automation can make a valuable contribution. This is partly due to the current shortages in the labor market, as it remains very difficult to attract talent with expertise in specific areas of ICT.

Companies that succeed in getting these hard-to-find professionals on board naturally want them to perform optimally, but it’s a two-way street. On the one hand, the employee creates value. After all, that’s what the company pays them for. On the other hand, the employee develops new expertise during their time with the company, by working on exciting projects in a stimulating environment. These are the things that act as the glue in the employer–employee relationship.

Automation of core tasks

Naturally, as a company, you do not want to task your highly educated, well-paid ICT experts with dull, repetitive jobs that don’t add value. If you do, they probably won’t hang around for long. So the solution that BRYXX offers is an obvious one. We take care of the core tasks when it comes to building, deploying and maintaining your ICT infrastructure, ensuring that everything is as automated as it can possibly be. This allows your ICT experts to maintain a laser-sharp focus on the projects and tasks that make a real difference to your company.

This way you kill two birds with one stone. Focusing on automation reduces infrastructure management costs, and in the fight against inflation, it’s a seriously effective weapon. At the same time, the ICT team can use the freed-up time to work on digitization projects that contribute more to your company, such as tackling other cost items, generating more or new income, improving customer service, and so on.

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