BRYXX has a team of experienced Middleware and DevOps engineers to manage your next level infrastructure. We score high with cutting-edge consultancy, strong database security, high-quality hosted solutions and strong DevOps knowledge. We aspire an agile approach in every challenge we tackle.

Meet our Middleware and DevOps Engineers

While our Middleware and DevOps Engineers combine their strong technical skills with a good sense of humor, they deep-dive into every technical issue in order to reach the best customer experience. Good communication skills are crucial to us in order to build a strong relationship with you, our staff and our suppliers. We strongly hold to three core values that we carry out in everything we do.

Be the reference

24/7 business continuity is our focus and our strength. We provide services and toolsets with a vision: we want you to be our future ambassadors. Our ultimate goal is to provide worry-free IT!

Make a difference

We don’t only write down our vision, we also execute and achieve our goals. Standing up and showing initiative makes us tick. We embrace the future with a flexible view on the evolution of our business.

Go the extra mile

We are responsible, independent experts who smoothly combine technical specifications with business concepts. “I don’t know” does not appear in our vocabulary. We take ownership, both professionally and personally.

Part of our Team
Middleware and DevOps Engineers
Middleware and DevOps Engineers

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