A new look on Middleware

We get the impact of top-notch infrastructure on your business operations like no other. Our story is simple: we build your infrastructure, deploy your applications and maintain your platform. As automation is our focal point, we are happy to guide you step by step towards a faster and better way of middleware management.

How we work

In this specific field of technology support, we deliver the experts to take care of your business applications. That’s quite a handful! But as a reliable Middleware Expert and Managed Service Provider (MSP), we have the knowledge and the tools to set up, improve and automate your middleware and database infrastructure.


Looking for in-depth knowledge,
assistance or staff?

Managed Services

Dreaming of worry-free maintenance of
your IT platform?

3 steps to a worry-free middleware platform

We build, deploy and maintain your middleware infrastructure. Our specialists ensure that your platform is well constructed, precisely implemented and thoroughly supported. So that it meets your internal and external standards as well as your service level requirements. After that, we are happy to support you via our managed services program.

Let us help to define the different components and build smart architecture for your middleware environment. Our experts are happy to assist you in this crucial stage.

Once your platform is built, it needs to be implemented. A job that makes our middleware engineers tick! Just enjoy their experience gained over the years.

Our staff supports your IT platform as well as your teams on a daily basis, while maintaining the highest quality and best performance of your infrastructure.

We provide managed services for your on premise and cloud platforms. We remotely monitor your middleware infrastructure. Because business continuity is our focus and your warranty.

What makes us stand out?

Be the reference

Service is key to us, as we aim for a long term relationship that goes beyond pure account management. We want to co-think! And we strive to improve your and our services in order to reach the best customer experience.

Make a difference

We distinguish ourselves in all that we do. That’s why our staff assists you throughout your entire journey, from close client contact and open communication to fair prices and good aftercare.

Go the extra mile

BRYXX is a rather a-typical consulting partner. We consciously aim to add value by offering 24/7 managed services and hosted solutions. Being your trusted advisor and resolving your infrastructure worries makes us tick.

So, do you trust us with your middleware and database infrastructure?

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