often a sign of expertise is
noticing what doesn’t happen

– Malcolm Gladwell –

With our Middleware and DevOps expertise, we have the experience and equipment to set up, manage, optimize and remotely monitor your middleware and database infrastructure.


With our level of Middleware and DevOps expertise, we deliver the in-depth service that you need for your business critical web applications. Because we understand the impact of qualitative infrastructure on your business operations like no other.

Middleware Consultancy

We are a professional team of middleware experts who assist you in a range of tasks, going from check-ups of your middleware environment to complex development projects. As our goal is to co-work with you and share our expertise, so that we can properly install and secure your middleware infrastructure.  Meanwhile, you can focus on your core business.

Managed Services

Having gained quite some experience over the past years now, we were able to set up a well thought out managed services offering, including several ways of qualitative, worry-free maintenance of middleware and database environment. So, while we focus on your middleware infrastructure, you can peacefully continue to make your organization a success. A win-win!

Cloud Enablement

Let us help you to create, deploy and operate your middleware infrastructure in the cloud. We also lift and shift your in-house middleware to a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. Our expert engineers deliver cloud enablement services, while professional cloud service providers such as Oracle Cloud, Amazon Webservices and Microsoft Azure support your move to the cloud.

DevOps Automation

Development and operations engineers ideally walk hand in hand, so that they deliver projects better and faster. To reach this goal, our DevOps team offers substantial support to IT development and operations teams. They teach them how to communicate and work together by defining specific roles and responsibilities. As a result, they guarantee both speed and user-friendliness.


A new look on Middleware

“In today’s world of advanced technologies, security, performance and speed are crucial. So why not use DevOps for a brand-new take on Middleware-as-a-Service? It allows you to save time and money, while you constantly keep your middleware managed services at the highest possible quality level.” – Kristof Satory, managing partner.

Customer speaking

“The most important thing is that an application is reliable and permanently online. Therefore, stability is a crucial element. A good data center and a reliable third party, that manages and monitors your application, is essential here. We found that reliability with BRYXX.” – Jules Verhoeven, business owner Thuiszorgweb.

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