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Build deploy maintain

BRYXX: build, deploy, maintain

Let’s keep things simple. It’s important to know the impact of high-quality infrastructure on your business operations. That’s why in our opinion, you should focus on three areas: build your infrastructure, deploy your applications and maintain your complete IT environment. In short: build, deploy, maintain.


We suggest you look for a smart partner to take care of the complete set-up and configuration of your IT infrastructure, be it on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. Therefore, it’s crucial to find System, as well as Middleware and DBA Engineers with expanded expertise. Which can result in the transition from traditional, manual set-up and configuration, to complete automation, using tools such as Puppet and Terraform.


Once your infrastructure is in place, it’s time to deploy your applications. Your DTAP street will determine how your applications evolve from lines of code to their final production stage. Your deployments can be installed manually or fully automated, where tools like Jenkins come into the picture.


Now that your IT environment is up and running, let the same engineers help you to keep it that way. Maintenance services can be based on both traditional, retroactive reporting and on infrastructure and application monitoring that allows for proactive interventions.

Complete field of action at a glance

Over the years, services have dramatically expanded. As a result, it becomes more and more of a challenge to explain how broad an offering can be. That’s why a smart partner redefines its portfolio in time, following three points of reference: build, deploy, maintain. That’s the complete field of action right there, at a glance.

Any question you have, is linked to either build, deploy or maintain. Regardless of where you are in this natural cycle, a smart partner helps you with the right services. Some of you prefer a partner to set-up and configure their infrastructure from scratch, others just need help with automating their application version management. It’s all good.

How we make the difference

Here’s what really sets services apart. No matter where you are in the cycle – build, deploy or maintain – a smart partner always helps you make the transition to the next level. Not just from one element of the cycle to the next, but also from manual to automated management, from one-off intervention to long-term managed service.

Throughout anything Middleware Engineers do, automation should be a focal point. As we described our previous blog posts, there are a lot of repetitive tasks in Middleware and Database Management. That’s why we advise to work on automating these tasks. Step by step, one at a time. The high level of automation we are at today, is probably what really sets a partner apart.

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