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Managed services: automatisering maakt het verschil

Managed services: automation makes the difference

‘Robots are taking over our work,’ the press reports. This is a good thing, especially when it concerns repetitive and uninteresting work of low added value. IT management won’t escape from this evolution either. Managed services are rapidly becoming the new normal. If you’re not ‘in’ today, you will fall and stay behind. Above all, automation is not about costs, but about value. Managed services: automation makes the difference.

The past few years, we have been developing a very complete range. We build the IT infrastructure an organization needs, roll out the applications and manage the whole IT environment. At every step of this cycle, we are more and more investing in automation. This allows us to do more with less, so that we can offer a better service to our customers.

Looking for value

This raises the following question: ‘Where exactly lies the real added value of managed services?’ Initially, cost savings often appear to be the first driver to outsource an activity. However, many companies notice that these cost savings don’t make the difference in the long term. When a company outsources repetitive and controlling tasks – inextricably linked to the set-up and management of an IT environment – to an external partner, the main argument is not the budget saved, but the time gained and the extra efficiency. In other words: the realized value determines the success of managed services.

Your employees no longer need to worry about those less interesting tasks, so that you can rely on them for activities with which they create additional value. This is also what BRYXX is striving for: allowing our customers to optimally focus on the aspects enabling them to differentiate themselves on the market. We do this, among other things, by broadening our portfolio and adopting a cloud-agnostic attitude. In addition to our Oracle expertise, we have therefore also gained experience with Microsoft, AWS and Google. And we also support the on-prem environment of our customers.

More automation, more innovation, a better service

The characteristic par excellence allowing a strong provider to distinguish himself on the managed IT services market, is the high level of automation he applies throughout its activities. In our early days, we performed almost all management manually. You could say that by opting for automation, we keep on reducing our own role. However, we don’t see it that way. What you have read above, also applies to ourselves. When we opt for automation, our employees can spend more time on other, more innovative activities. In turn, we can improve the service we provide to our customers.

You could compare it to the various industrial revolutions we have known during the past centuries. At that time, people were also acting expectantly, sometimes even suspiciously; they were afraid to lose their jobs. Today, it’s not different. This is why we read in the newspapers that robots will soon take over our work. However, we can also learn a lot from those previous revolutions: especially that those who were the fastest to respond to change, turned out to be the strongest. This principle also applies to the automation of IT management. Who desperately sticks to manual control, is a dinosaur. And everyone knows what happened to dinosaurs: they have died out. Those who don’t want to miss the benefits of the current revolution, rely on the expertise of strong partnerships. And this is the kind of partner we want to be.