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How to get more out of Puppet

Recently, we were officially recognized as Puppet Service Delivery Partner. And that is more than just a nice title. Whenever a company in the Benelux calls Puppet for help, our specialists come to the rescue! How to get more out of Puppet?

Puppet is the market’s leading ecosystem for the automation of software delivery and the operational management of IT infrastructure. It is a solution with a long history that has helped put the automation of recurring tasks within IT management and infrastructure as code on the map.

Puppet offers four products:

  • Enterprise (infrastructure)
  • Relay (deployment)
  • Remediate (automated vulnerability management)
  • Bolt (agentless ad-hoc task runner).

Over the years, we have developed a particularly high level of expertise as a Puppet implementation partner. This initially led to the recognition of BRYXX as an official Puppet Gold Reseller. In the meantime, we successfully went through the rigorous process for recognition as Puppet Service Delivery Partner (SDP). This recognition makes us the only active Puppet SDP in Belgium and the Netherlands.

High quality standards

As an American company, Puppet runs a fairly lean organization in Europe. They prefer to service the European market through a network of Service Delivery Partners. But before a company may raise that flag, it has to pass a very demanding procedure. The quality requirements are very high, which translates into, among other things, a tough certification process for the consultants and a six-monthly assessment for the company as a whole. We are proud that we passed all tests and now officially bear the title of SDP.

The accreditation as an SDP offers our customers significant added value. After all, the label guarantees the quality level of Puppet services offered by us. Moreover, in order to maintain the accreditation, we are obliged to continuously invest in training and in keeping up with the evolution of their product range. At the same time, the customers themselves participate in the assessment of the SDP, by sharing their evaluation of the services provided after each project with Puppet.

Differentiation through expertise

As an SDP, we have access to resources at Puppet, such as experts and test software. At the same time, we also have an overview of Puppet’s roadmap and participate in planning meetings for the development processes of applications, but also bring suggestions from customers to the table. This clearly differentiates us in the market. After all, we offer expertise that other players, who don’t have the certification of SDP, can’t offer with the same depth.

In concrete terms, the status of SDP means that BRYXX carries out projects for customers in the same way and with the same quality level as if the project were carried out by Puppet itself. This clearly indicates the exceptional status we have acquired as an SDP. When – in the context of the Benelux market – an integrator encounters a problem and calls in Puppet’s help or advice, in practice the request is handed over to the care of BRYXX experts.

Two-way engagement

For BRYXX, the SDP label is more than just a title with a nice ring to it. The core of the concept is that there is a commitment that works in two directions. We invest and study to offer Puppet’s solutions and services in the best possible way to Benelux customers. At the same time, they count on the efforts and experience of BRYXX to do this in a way that confirms and further strengthens Puppet’s reputation.

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