How you explain to your friends what you do

I am a member of the DevOps Formula 1 crew in a Benelux IT organization. There are a lot of skills required to win a Formula 1 race: a good pilot, a strong team of engineers who build the engine, a software team to manage the engine, a pit crew, specialists who continuously monitor parameters during the race, etc. If all these team members only do their own thing, you will never drive a successful race.

Communication between team members within the team and communication between the different teams are crucial components to reach the finish line first.

DevOps is exactly the same: each team within IT communicates clearly with each other and works well together so that projects get done faster and better. As senior DevOps engineer, I am the one that monitors the overall performance and suggests improvements where needed.

What you really do

As a DevOps Engineer you will be part of our team of developers and work on different kind of projects. You will be responsible for continuous integration, versioning and virtualization. You work both in our offices and at the customer.

What we ask of you

  • Your experience shows a distinct expertise with continuous integration of tools like Jenkins, Hudson and/or Bamboo
  • You are result-driven, customer-focused and committed to deliver fully tested, user-friendly and well-functioning tools and applications
  • Excellent knowledge of configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef and/or Ansible is a must
  • Experience with multiple versioning systems like Git and Subversion is great
  • You are familiar with the use of virtualization and containerization with tools such as Docker, Vagrant and /or VMWare
  • Scripting with Perl, Python and/or Ruby is your ‘thing’
  • Knowledge of operation systems such as Linux and Windows is a must

How you tackle this

You’re eager to learn new tools and technologies in your career and you love to share your knowledge with the team.Excellent communication skills are important and you clearly formulate your thoughts. Experience with agile methodologies such as Scrum is a plus. You have a large dose of humour and you’re not afraid of some self-reflection.

We offer you

  • A team of enthusiastic techies who challenge and support each other
  • Not only a career and colleagues, but a life and new friends as well
  • Development of your career: you determine the pace and direction, and we will guide you
  • A competitive salary
  • Extra-legal benefits such as company car, fuel card, laptop and phone contract