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Reduce your attack surface

Do you want to reduce your attack surface by 85%

Detect and patch your vulnerabilities automatically! Nowadays, new IT vulnerabilities pop up at an alarming rate. The landscape evolves and changes quickly, overwhelming IT and InfoSec teams. At the same time, the key approach to dealing with vulnerabilities (patching) is completely broken in most enterprises. But how do you reduce your attack surface?

That’s how you reduce your attack surface

So, in this fast changing landscape you need to identify, investigate and prioritize vulnerabilities. Therefore, you need to secure your cloud, containers, OT devices and traditional IT assets. On top of that, you have to translate technical data into business insights.

Tenable enables you to stay on top of existing vulnerabilities. And what’s more, you get a complete view of your security posture. Puppet, on the other hand, Remediate helps you mitigate these security risks, enabling IT Ops to reduce the number of vulnerabilities faster and at scale.

Detect your vulnerabilities over and over with Tenable® provides the workable and correct data. Which you obviously need to identify, investigate, and prioritize the remediation of vulnerabilities and bad configurations in your modern IT environment.

Connect your detection and automation with Puppet Remediate

Thereafter, Puppet Remediate helps organizations mitigate their security risks. That enables IT Ops to remediate vulnerabilities faster and at scale. It eliminates repetitive and error-prone steps in the vulnerability management workflow. From manual data handover between InfoSec and IT Ops to vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

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