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puppet automation

Why Puppet Bolt makes automation easy

Do you want to start with automation using Puppet Bolt? That’s easier than you probably think. During our very first Puppet workshop, we showed how straightforward automation can be.

Puppet Bolt is an agentless multi-platform solution that allows the user to start with automation. Without the prerequisites of an agent or any Puppet knowledge! Puppet Bolt automates tasks and orchestrates workflows across a company’s infrastructure and apps. Driven through a command line interface, Bolt connects to remote systems, runs in any language and is compatible with a wide range of other tools. You use Bolt to run one-off tasks, but if you already use scripts to automate the provisioning and management of some nodes, you use it also to move a step beyond scripts and make them shareable. Once you start with Bolt, you take automation to the next level using Puppet Enterprise.

Trying out an entry-level tool

To learn about the benefits of Puppet first hand, 20 BRYXX customers and prospects from Belgium and The Netherlands took part in a Puppet workshop at our headquarters in Kontich. Despite their different background, most participants shared a common need. They wanted to start automating DevOps, but were not sure about the first steps they should take. Other participants already developed a library of automation scripts, but were looking for a way to do even more. For both profiles, Puppet Bolt is the ideal starting point: you don’t need a server to run it, you don’t need to deploy agents – and it’s free.

In the morning, BRYXX showed how Puppet is the perfect entry-level tool to begin automating tasks. Step by step, the audience learned how to start using Bolt. From running one-off tasks, scripts and sets of scripts, to building complex deploy schemes. The workshop clearly showed how the automation of recurring labour intensive tasks immediately offers more efficiency and time savings. Regardless of the size of the datacenter! After lunch, the workshop focused on Puppet Enterprise, taking automation to a higher level.

More to come

The success of the workshop proves that there’s a lot of demand for this type of events. That’s why we will host a second Puppet workshop, later this year, at the BRYXX office in Amsterdam. We also plan a series of webinars in close collaboration with Puppet. Each webinar will focus on a specific Puppet functionality. And of course, if need be, we can also set up a tailor-made workshop for you.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of Puppet? Check out our offering!