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It’s not business or IT, it’s not processes or tools — Digital transformation needs both


Why do we at BRYXX do things the way we do? And why does that make us unique in the market? We would never simply launch a major business strategy without first devising the necessary IT infrastructure. But neither would we implement IT tools without first being confident that they’ll optimize the process of doing business. With us it’s always business and IT, processes and tools. This is how we achieve digital transformation.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Our roots lie in the tools. In the past, BRYXX was who you came to to take your IT infrastructure to the next level. Our technical knowledge was unsurpassed and we  knew both legacy and new applications inside and out. In those early days, our focus was clearly on the technical aspect, throughout an organization’s digital transformation journey.

But just as business employees sometimes forget that IT is crucial to their business, IT people sometimes lose sight of the fact that they work for a business. IT people are, we’ll admit, a little bit nerdy. We like to be tapping away on our keyboards; we like to make things work; but we mustn’t forget that we do all this to achieve the shared goal of making the business a success.

We don’t set up a server just for the heck of it. We do it because it allows the business to achieve something that was previously not possible. At the same time, the pendulum mustn’t swing too far in the opposite direction. Process insight alone is useless. To achieve its goals, the business must invest in IT. And that’s where perception is sometimes a bit skewed. In the past, the business saw too much IT for IT’s sake. Or to put it bluntly, the business often sees IT as a cost item that yields little in terms of return.

This can be done differently — and better

That’s the stalemate that BRYXX breaks. We provide the indispensable link between business and IT, following a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, we talk to the business staff: where is the strategy, the vision, the value for them? On the other hand, we look at how we can provide the optimal IT infrastructure — the infrastructure that makes the business objectives achievable and thus justifies the investment in IT. And we go further by helping to solve the issue: we not only identify the need for IT investment but also demonstrate exactly what that investment will yield.

So we don’t focus solely on IT infrastructure, we strive for digital transformation. We look at the business story and the associated strategic component, so that our customers can tap into business potential that was previously out of reach. We do this by taking over tasks that you as a company don’t want to invest time and effort in but which we at BRYXX have specialized in over the years. We take on these tasks either via managed services or by automating them.

Positive spiral

This is how you end up with teams that can fully concentrate on what they’re best at, whether it’s in business or IT, without the repetitive, soul-crushing work of traditional IT infrastructure management ever getting in the way. This way, both teams get into a positive groove and achieve more, faster. And the positive groove quickly become a positive spiral that inspires both business and IT. Ultimately it comes down to the business investing in IT in a way that delivers more value. And as the business sees that value increase, the realization grows that IT is not a cost center, but a driver of value. The fact that both teams strengthen each other in this way is exactly the goal that BRYXX is shooting for.

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