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Cloud: the naked truth

Some organizations are cautious to move towards the cloud. They see more inconveniences than advantages. However, in the digital age applying innovative cloud technologies leads to a unique competitive advantage, generating better business results. We will expose to you four myths and offer six opportunities to make the move to the cloud.

Four myths

Myth 1: Lack of security

The data centers run by cloud providers such as Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon are far more secure than a company’s on-premise servers. Their data centers use strict access controls (such as iris scanning), detection systems to monitor incoming data and to identify suspicious activities, and firewalls to protect the data. In addition, these providers make data back-ups to enable quick disaster recovery. They comply with data privacy regulations, protect data against fire and natural disasters and have multiple power supply sources to handle power system failures. But you do system hardening? You can also do that in the cloud.

Myth 2: Management is difficult

False. Modern management tools are used for on-premise systems as well as for public, private and hybrid cloud. Our own experts, for example, use such tools. In addition, don’t forget that a part of the cloud is already managed by the cloud provider.

Myth 3: You need in-depth technical experts 

Cloud isn’t rocket science. There is a roadmap available that explains which steps to take when you are ready to move to the cloud. If you can’t be bothered yourself, then ask for help which is readily available.

Myth 4: High cost

Taking everything into account, the total cost of ownership is less expensive than that of on-premise solutions. In the cloud, you spend less on IT resources (including selection and training cost), as the cloud provider is taking over a lot of tasks. In addition, it helps you to save on servers, utility and network costs. It also provides the flexibility to scale up when needed, while you only pay for what you use.

Six Opportunities to move to the cloud

Opportunity 1

Software migration and outdated hardware offer the ideal opportunity to move to the cloud. Instead of setting up a new on-premise IT environment, you start using the benefits of the cloud.

Opportunity 2

Move when your systems are overloaded due to the amount of data and users (e.g. online stores). It is the ideal solution here, as it gives you the flexibility to scale up.

Opportunity 3

Move when you start with custom development and testing, or when you set up a DTAP street (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production). This doesn’t require a permanently available IT environment, so it’s cost-efficient to use the cloud.

Opportunity 4

Move to benefit from scalability, high availability and quick disaster recovery. It is easier and less expensive to scale up in the cloud than on-premise. In addition, cloud servers have higher availability. When a system fails, a redundant system immediately takes over. Last but not least, its providers run a disaster recovery site to ensure your business continuity.

Opportunity 5

Move to shift from capex to opex. In other words, your investments decrease when you use the cloud.

Opportunity 6

Move to reduce your needs for IT resources. Currently, there are not enough resources available to staff all vacancies in the market. This means it is expensive to recruit, train and maintain IT resources. In the cloud, however, you need less resources.

Obviously the above does not mean that no more work or support is necessary. You are still running a platform on a virtual machine. You still need to take care of that or get someone to help you with that.

 Do you want to move to the cloud and ensure that you get the right support? Contact Bryxx to discuss your business needs.