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Cloud: the naked truth

Posted by on 24/04/2018

Some organizations are cautious to move towards the cloud. They see more inconveniences than advantages. However, in the digital age applying innovative cloud technologies leads to a unique competitive advantage, generating better business results. W...

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DevOps: think about it and automate it

Posted by on 15/03/2018

DevOps contributes to lean and agile software delivery. An important objective is the improvement of IT value streams by automating tasks. The ultimate objective of DevOps is automation by design. Kickstarting a new infrastructure – on premise or ...

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It’s a dirty job, but you can automate it

Posted by on 23/02/2018

DevOps is a specific approach to lean and agile software delivery. It promotes close collaboration between the lines of business, development and IT operations. An important objective of DevOps is to improve IT value streams by automating repetitive ...

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Managing middleware: it’s a dirty job, but…

Let’s face it, IT is nothing but a means to an end. The prime focus of any organization is its core business. The IT environment’s middleware has the essential role to keep that business running. But looking after the middleware itself? That’s ...

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